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  • Sanli LBP513 51cm/20" 3 in 1 Self Propelled Rotary Mower

    Sanli LBP513 51cm/20" 3 in 1 Self Propelled Rotary Mower

    Technical Specification
    Cutting Width:51cm
    Deck Material:Treated Steel
    Net Weight :37 Kg
    Displacement :161cm3
    Full Description
    Briggs & Stratton DOV750 Petrol Engine
    3 in 1 Rotary
    Central Cutting Height Adjustment
    Dual wheel bearings
    Comfort grip handle
    2 Year domestic guarantee
  • AS Motor AS 510 MU R

    AS Motor AS 510 MU R

    An ever increasing number of professional users rely on simple and natural disposal of their grass cuttings.
    The AS Motor 510 Mulch mowers swirl the cuttings under their robust domed mulching deck, thereby chopping it thoroughly. The material is swirled back into the grass where it decomposes leaving no residue.

    Robust, yet light, the AS Motor 510 MU R self-propelled mulching mower is easy to handle.

    The strong high-profile rear wheels provide unimpeded drive on this self-propelled model

    The Mulching Unit: The AS 510's stable mulching dome, additional re-inforced blade bearing and mulching blade made of spring steel provide for finely chopped mulch that remains on the surface, thus fertislising the lawn in a natural way.
    Therefore, you no longer need to concern yourself with two work operations: tedious raking and cost-intensive disposal.
  • AS Motor AS 480 2T

    AS Motor AS 480 2T

    Hot-dip galvanized steel gives these mowers the superiority they need.With the chip-resistant blade hood and the extremely stable structural design the new AS 480 model are among the toughest mowers offered by AS-MOTOR.

    With the power provided by the AS 2-stroke engine, the infinitely variable speed control, the large wheels providing optimum traction and the low-maintenance technology the operator is always the winner, because an excellent cutting and collecting result is guaranteed under all circumstances, even when the grass is wet.

    The height of every single wheel is adjustable, the fuel tank can take 5 litres and the blades and crankshaft are supported in 3 bearings. The single-bar technology allows the grass collecting bag to be accessed from all sides, so that it can be emptied without straining the operator’s back.

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