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  • Eliet Primo Shredder

    Eliet Primo Shredder

    If you do your own composting and wish to treat your compost bin to fine chippings, your best choice is the ELIET PRIMO.

    This little powerhouse shows no mercy towards organic kitchen - or garden waste. The compost experts all agree that "this machine produces the finest-cuttings ever seen"... In addition to its excellent performance, the chipper provides a full range of user comforts. Certainly you must have noticed the wide feeding aperture, ergonomic feeding hopper, the capacious collection bag and transport wheels.

    The ELIET PRIMO is the ideal partner for those who truly wish to enjoy their garden maintenance.
  • Eliet Maestro Shredder

    Eliet Maestro Shredder

    This machine is extremely efficient and appears to have an infinite capacity.

    This chipper is also a master in processing kitchen and garden waste.

    The MAESTRO uses all of the advantages of the ELIET Hatchet principleTM to process a wide variety of compostable waste. You will be amazed by what passes through this chipper. The special arrangement of the blades ensures that not one piece of garden waste escapes its fate. You have to get used to the idea that the rubbish bag for vegetable/fruit/garden waste is no longer required. The high number of chopping motions produces extremely fine chippings that are ideal for composting.

    The collection bag on the chipper enables the work to be performed tidily and is also useful for transporting the chippings to the compost container. The contents of one full collection bag will easily fill a wheelbarrow.

    The ELIET MAESTRO is a compact machine that you can easily manoeuvre into the smallest corner of your garden.
  • Eliet Minor Shredder

    Eliet Minor Shredder

    This machine is amazingly easy and pleasant to use. The Eliet Minor smoothly combines a wide hopper for various types of waste with compactness and ease of use.

    Branches that are crooked or branches with a great deal of bushy growth, pose no difficulty. Above all, waste is processed in an extremely safe manner. This is because the machine has a dedicated safety screen, a steel safety shield and a heavy-duty debris flap.

    Children and small pets often are curious onlookers in the garden. The safety screen, however, keeps them away from potential danger.The steel safety shield minimizes material kickback, thereby ensuring safety and integrity when you operate the machine.

    If you want to cut up leaves and moist material, you can replace the standard sieve for a multi-purpose one.
  • Eliet MajorS Shredder

    Eliet MajorS Shredder

    Its wide feed hopper (35 cm) greedily swallows large volumes of various waste types. Its large easy-roll wheels let you move it easily to every corner of your garden where you can safely process larger branches and rougher garden waste. A safety screen keeps children and small pets away from the danger area. A steel safety shield and a heavy-duty debris flap protect you from material kickback.

    Larger gardens mean that now and then a thicker branch will get caught up in the garden waste. If this proves too much for the Eliet Major, the belt drive will absorb the any force introduced by this sudden blockage, which in turn will also extend motor life. The gearing ratio of the belt drive also increases engine torque effectively.

    20 razor-sharp blades chop into fine chips the most diverse garden waste. In addition, you can reverse the blades, thus doubling their life span.If the size of the chips is unimportant, or to process damp garden waste, you can replace the sieve.
  • Eliet Pro IV  Shredder

    Eliet Pro IV Shredder

    The Eliet Pro IV combines compactness and capability in a most impressive way. The large chipper chute also swallows thicker branches and requires surprisingly little engine power to do so. Even when chipping larger branches, the motor will continue to run quite smoothly.

    With its 71 cm wheel travel, you can easily drive the Eliet Pro IV through any doorway and over any garden path.The sharp edges of the HS blades mercilessly chop a wide variety of garden waste.

    If the cuttings are rich in foliage, you have the option of installing a special sieve that increases chipping speed.
  • Eliet Super Pro 2000 Shredder

    Eliet Super Pro 2000 Shredder

    The monster capacity of the Eliet Super Pro is almost equally as impressive as its extremely small footprint.

    The machine's performance figures are awesome - waste from eight hours of pruning is easily chipped in one hour - despite the fact that this 83cm-wide piece of performance engineering is easily manoeuvred past all garden entrances and gates.

    The machine perfectly describes one of the main principles of Eliet: one man - one machine. And one that you can also drive up right beside the cuttings.
    Lightning-fast processing, combined with exceptionally low consumption. Does it still need to be said? The Eliet Super Pro offers the ultimate price-quality ratio.

    The reliable 18 HP twin cylinder engine complies with the toughest environmental regulations. Peak efficiency guaranteed.The parking brake ensures that the machine remains stable during use. Above all, you can safely transport your pride and joy on your trailer. The parking brake also works as an emergency brake while driving down inclines.

    The Composite knives™ are maintenance free.To increase the machine's efficiency or to process damp garden cuttings, you can install an adjustable sieve.

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